• Strawberry Hibiscus Jalapeno Shrub

Strawberry Hibiscus Jalapeno Shrub


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*Made in San Diego, CA

Nostrum cocktail shrubs are sweetened, fruit-infused drinking vinegar intended to be enjoyed in cocktails, sparkling water or dressings.

A natural partner for gin and tequila, we love this sweet and spicy shrub for its color as much as its flavor profile. Ripe, red berry and the green vegetal heat of jalapenos are a perfect food pairing where the acidity of the vinegar brings out savory flavors. 

  • shake with tequila and lots of ice, then serve with sliced lime
  • add to sparkling water, then pair with bite-sized street tacos and salty, crunchy chicharrones
  • use to macerate sliced, sugared strawberries, then spoon over shortcakes with whipped cream

Ingredients: organic raw apple cider vinegar, organic cane sugar, organic strawberries, limes, habanero chilies, sea salt

8 oz. 

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