• Grapefruit Piloncillo Chipotle Shrub

Grapefruit Piloncillo Chipotle Shrub


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*Made in San Diego, CA

Nostrum cocktail shrub are sweetened, fruit-infused drinking vinegar intended to be enjoyed in cocktails, sparkling water or dressings.

Bite and heat are at the center of this flavor combo with a deep, molasses backbone. Try a splash in tequila cocktails and anything with ginger beer. Be bold!

  • combine with yogurt and mayo, and fold into shredded cabbage slaw
  • shake over ice with tequila and top with club soda and a lime wheel
  • for a twist on a shandy, combine with pilsner or lager and simple syrup

Ingredients: organic cider vinegar, organic cane sugar, organic grapefruit, piloncillo sugar, dried chipotle chilies, cinnamon sticks, smoked salt

8 oz. 

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