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Artisanal Pantry Gift Basket Artisanal Pantry Gift Basket QUICK VIEW

Artisanal Pantry Gift Basket


Daily kitchen inspiration can be lean through the winter months, but a well-stocked and organized pantry has the power to transform a handful of f...
California Local Pantry Basket California Local Pantry Basket QUICK VIEW

California Local Pantry Basket


Welcome new homeowners, new parents, or visiting family with a basket of artisanal California pantry goods. Inside you'll find everything you need ...
Cheese Pairing Gift Box QUICK VIEW

Cheese Pairing Gift Box


Be a Cheese Plate wizard with this box of jams and preserves: a little something savory, a little something sweet, and some crunch and spice for i...
Custom Gifts Custom Gifts QUICK VIEW

Custom Gifts


At Garibaldi Goods we've gathered a unique collection of small batch, artisanal California food goods to stock your pantry in style. Each producer ...
Hostess Gift Box QUICK VIEW

Hostess Gift Box


*Made in Santa Barbara, CA An invitation to dinner in someone else's home is the ultimate gesture of hospitality. Welcomed with open arms into a fr...
Morning Coffee Gift Box Morning Coffee Gift Box QUICK VIEW

Morning Coffee Gift Box


Weekend mornings call for a strong cup of motivation and something sweet and spicy to get the energy flowing. Whether you're entertaining with waff...
New Pantry Staples Gift Box New Pantry Staples Gift Box QUICK VIEW

New Pantry Staples Gift Box


Our New Pantry Staples Gift Box includes 7 seasonal* and unique California-made goods we simply can't do without. Bring a little heat to avocado t...
Omnivore Gift Box QUICK VIEW

Omnivore Gift Box


Behind every great cook is a bevy of kitchen weapons and shortcuts. Our Omnivore Gift Box is filled with umami-packed pantry goods for seasoning ju...
Pasta Simplicity Basket QUICK VIEW

Pasta Simplicity Basket


We've all been there -- mid-week, low energy, even lower motivation. So we reach for that bag of pasta, hoping to throw together something quick an...
Sweet & Savory Gift Box QUICK VIEW

Sweet & Savory Gift Box


*Made in Santa Barbara, CA For those who hate to choose, our Sweet & Savory Gift Box offers the best of both worlds. Spice meets heat, booze...
Sweets Gift Box QUICK VIEW

Sweets Gift Box


*Made in Santa Barbara, CA Show that sweet tooth who's boss with this set of chocolate and caramel duos. Plenty to indulge on your own, enough to...