Posted: Mar 24 2015


Egg salad often finds itself in and out of fashion. The blank canvas an egg provides makes it a prime contender for the latest cult herb or fermented vegetable. At it's best, however, this salad should really showcase the egg. A contrasting crunch, creamy binder, and a fresh note bring everything together in harmony. It scales up or down easily and is infinitely adaptable to whatever condiments, pickles, and seasonal vegetables you have on hand.  And well-appointed egg salad will sit just as happily atop a slice of toasted artisanal bread as it will over a bed of the latest, trendy young greens. 

The salad comes together in a matter of minutes, and benefits greatly from a short rest to let all the flavors get to know one another. Be sure to season well the first time around, and adjust for taste again if refrigerating before serving.

Spring is in full force with Easter just around the corner: we suggest you hippity hop to it. 


4 large eggs

1/4 cup chopped, Curried Cauliflower Pickles

2 tbsp mayonnaise, yogurt, or sour cream

1 tbsp pickle brine

1 tbsp chopped dill

2 scallions, thinly sliced

4 small radishes, such as French Breakfast, chopped

1/2 tsp sea salt


In a small pot, cover the eggs with cold water by at least an inch, bring to a boil then place the lid on the pot and remove from the heat. Let stand 8 minutes then move to a bowl of ice water to stop them cooking. While your eggs cool, prepare the rest of the ingredients. In a bowl, add the mayo or yogurt (or combination of both), brine, dill, scallions, radishes, salt and stir to combine. 

Crack and shell the hard-boiled eggs, then roughly chop and add into the bowl of your remaining ingredients. With a fork, fold and loosely combine the salad until your desired consistency. Taste for seasoning. The salad will be a little wet but will firm up in the refrigerator. Serve over greens, or sandwiched between two slices of whole grain bread. 

Serves 2, generously.

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