Fermentation Nation! with McVicker Pickles

Posted: Feb 13 2015

We love pickles; who doesn't?

How about kimchi, kombucha or sauerkraut? Still have your attention? Great!

Last Sunday, we sat in on the latest Fermentation Nation! class taught by Kelly McVicker of McVicker Pickles, and couldn't believe how accessible this arm of home canning and preserving turned out to be.

From her classic, cozy San Francisco apartment Kelly instructed our small group in the art and creativity behind brines, refrigerator pickles and fermented vegetables. We made a jar of each, customized with our personal spice and herb blends and left with enough confidence to carry over into our own home kitchens. 

Kelly, a newly Certified Master Food Preserver, teaches Fermentation Nation!, as well as courses on mustard, jam, and water-bath canning at Workshop in San Francisco, and out of her home. If you live anywhere near the Bay Area, or plan to visit soon, we highly recommend you check this schedule here and read more about Kelly's classes here.

And if you can't make it to one of her courses, you can pick up a jar of her seasonal, pickled vegetables or craft mustards over in the shop.


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