Weekend Cheese

Posted: Jan 31 2015


Weekends at home are a rarity. Our over-scheduled lives have us rushing around town, hustling up and down the coast, and scurrying off to the next soccer game, business meeting or book club. When we find a lazy Saturday morning or afternoon with nothing scheduled we dream of wandering through nearby artisan cheese shops. The funky fromage smells, the carefully selected wines, the cracker and dried fruit nibbles... it's the details that make each visit interesting and worthwhile.

Being on a first name basis with a cheesemonger is the best way to get great, personalized service, and maybe score a slice of something special from the back. Here's how to get in with the cheeseheads:

  • pick your favorite local cheese shop and make a point to show your face
  • ask about seasonal selections, what's new and interesting, or default to the always flattering "what's your favorite selection right now?"
  • state exactly why you've come in and what you're looking for 
  • ask about cheese clubs, beer and wine pairing classes, and upcoming events
  • remember your cheesemonger's name, and use it on your next visit: "so-and-so helped me with a Cabrales last week and I'd love to try something similar"

Finally, don't feel obligated to leave with more than you can handle. In fact, we like to make a single 1/4-1/2 pound selection a week; it's a great way to taste through a few examples of a single style and pick one that suits you. And when you get home, take a minute to put together an impromptu cheese plate, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy all the creamy, tangy goodness of your Saturday purchase.

Below are a few of our favorite LA-based cheese shops. 

Andrew's Cheese Shop, Santa Monica

Milkfarm, Eagle Rock

Wheelhouse Cheese, Mar Vista

The Cheese Store of Silverlake, Silverlake

DTLA Cheese, Los Angeles


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  • Posted by Ron B. on December 10, 2015

    Aahhh! Cheese! Food of the Gods. The original manna from heaven. Fromage, queso, by any other name it is the gift that gives on giving.

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