Angelo Garro, the Omnivore.

Posted: Sep 12 2014

One of the first producers we discovered when embarking on this business journey was Angelo Garro. Like so many others we were thrilled to stumble across his Kickstarter campaign, now famously narrated by Werner Herzog. Angelo’s simple philosophy is captivating and his heart is in the  salt -- “heart” is in  just about everything Angelo does.  His ethos is that we use what is local and available because it is the natural choice -- it is the way it should be.

Angelo’s warmth and sense of community is what continues to inspire us. He is the epitome of a welcoming host. The door is always open, there's room for you at the table, extra food, a stash of cured goodies, a cache of house-made wine. And Angelo wants to share it with you -- his knowledge, his recipes, his stories, his time. This outpouring of information and experience can at times seem almost Old World, but then, so does the man. Yet it presents new possibilities we may have otherwise not embraced. Maybe we should seek out better products. Perhaps preparing our own food carries even more weight than we thought. Why aren’t we spending more time gathering, sharing?

Omnivore Salt is a chance for Angelo to share his passion with a larger community. Through something so ubiquitous and yet unique, Angleo’s salt is a tool that gives us confidence.  We use it to stretch our kitchen abilities and our sense of creativity.

If Angelo can do it all, then why can't you?


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