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Blackberry - Cacao Nib - Sage Cocktail Shrub QUICK VIEW

Blackberry - Cacao Nib - Sage Cocktail Shrub


*Made in San Diego, CA Nostrum cocktail shrub are sweetened, fruit-infused drinking vinegar intended to be enjoyed in cocktails, sparkling water o...
Habanero Chili Sauce QUICK VIEW

Habanero Chili Sauce


*Made in Los Angeles, CA Hot sauces abound in a saturated market designed to deliver the next, flame-inducing thrill. But is it just novelty? All G...
Punk Jam/ Limited Edition Punk Jam/ Limited Edition QUICK VIEW

Punk Jam/ Limited Edition


*Made in Los Angeles, CA   As fickle as it is delicious, this little jar of blood orange juice and raspberries takes you by surprise. Tart and sl...
Tangelo Marmalade QUICK VIEW

Tangelo Marmalade


*Made in Santa Barbara, CA This marmalade, made from citrus grown in Fillmore on Somers Ranch, has just the right balance of sweetness in contrast...
Duomo Espresso QUICK VIEW

Duomo Espresso


*Made in Ukiah, CA Our first espresso roast comes from Black Oak Coffee Roasters, in Ukiah. Dense forests stretch for miles here, gorgeous views in...
Artisanal Wildflower Honey QUICK VIEW

Artisanal Wildflower Honey


*Made in Ukiah, CA Star thistle, toyon, and vetch are just a few of the blossoms Northern California bees visit in Mendocino county. Kathy and Keit...

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